The ultimate guide to throwing a party

The ultimate guide to throwing a party

Since time began, people have been seeking one thing. It’s not the meaning of life, the fountain of youth or the recipe for true, forever enduring love.

What everyone wants, more than anything else, is to understand how to throw the perfect party.

By reading our guide, you will be able to discover what every party needs and how you can provide it. If you’re ready to gain the reputation of being a party maestro, read on!

Make it impossible for guests to turn down an invitation 


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The first step towards throwing the ultimate party is, of course, to get people to go. This means booking a venue well in advance, giving people a reason to come, making the location easily accessible, and then going above and beyond to exceed their expectations at every turn.

Provide all of the relevant information as soon as possible 

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When throwing a party, is it absolutely crucial that everyone knows what is expected of them, and this means giving a rough outline of what the key rules are and what is likely to occur. For example, is there going to be a theme? Will food and drink be provided, or is this something that every guest will have to pay for? What time will the party go on to? Is there going to be one venue, or will the event head off to pastures new at certain points in the evening?

Sort out the extras 


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This will very much be dependent on the type of party you are throwing, what its purpose is, what people expect and how expansive your budget is. Are you going to provide massive amounts of food and alcohol? Will there be added extras such as photo booths and props? Are you going to purchase decorations, or will you rely upon the items that the chosen venue already has to hand? Are you going to give out gifts of any kind at the end?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be well on the way to understanding what needs to be done, and you’ll then be able to budget and plan accordingly.

Get the music right


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This cannot be overstated enough. Music can make or break a party, so you have to ensure you get it right. Whatever style of party you’re having, however many people are coming, or whatever you’re trying to celebrate, music can dramatically enhance the overall event, especially when performed by a live band.

Prepare for the aftermath


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This is not something that most people consider when thinking about planning the ‘perfect’ party, but it is absolutely essential that you put provisions in place to ensure you don’t leave the venue – be it a bar, a restaurant or your house – in a complete mess afterwards. If you can rope in a few friends to help then you’ll get the work done in half the time, but if you don’t think you’ll be in a fit state to tidy up comprehensively afterwards, make sure you’ve hired a cleaning team well in advance of the party’s date.

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