When the leaves start to fall, that’s the signal to check your child’s closet and think about the jackets he’ll be wearing next winter. The Klaverweide brand, specialized in exclusive garments for babies and children, pursues originality and excellence in the quality and design of biker jackets. Its designer, Dennis Klaverweide, produces the pieces thinking about the comfort of the children allowing them a free and comfortable movement, and at the same time, they do not stop being elegant and creative articles. The perfect mix between sport and classic style makes this brand a perfect option to renew the closet.
Creative director Dennis klaverweide found his inspiration for this collection in his firstborn. After his birth, the passion for clothing design and the love for his child came together and gave life to the brand’s new collection. That’s why in every instance of production he’s crossed by enthusiasm and commitment.

The fashion world strives to offer products that are comfortable and that set the trends of each season, however, Klaverweide was born to break the parameters of today’s children’s brands. Far from conventional designs, their jackets are exclusive garments made from the highest quality Italian leathers and produced in their own workshop in Amsterdam. The color palette offers very interesting combinations that escape from the soft colors and typical children’s prints.
The luxury of the details of the high fashion pieces is taken to the clothing for children with glamour and comfort. Highly durable garments are ideal for withstanding temperatures during outdoor walks. Klaverweide’s exclusive pieces are handmade with the best fabrics and virtuous manufacturing. Klaverweide also offers accessories ranging from bags to facemasks that also fuse quality, design, and utility.

Instagram is @klaverweide_rg.

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