Taki Katei : Drawing on Nature

Taki Katei : Drawing on Nature

This month I have visited the wonderful exhibition at World Museum Liverpool, William Brown Street, by the artist Taki Katei. Unknown to me until I visited the exhibition, I stepped into what I could only imagine as a calm Japanese courtyard filled with Cherry Blossom trees and beautiful ink drawings around me.

Looking at the artwork I was fascinated to discover the journey this artist had been on from a artist coming the Japanese countryside to become an artist held in such high esteem that his work was displayed in the Imperial court.

The artist taught many students in the arts in Japan and it was pleasing to find out that men and women were mentored by him. As he was alive in the 1800’s this isn’t something that isn’t a norm. So the real question is why is this work in Liverpool?

One of his students obtained his work and had links with a family based in Liverpool. A good percentage of the paintings were then given to National Museums Liverpool, which enabled the assemblance of this work and Katei’s artworks to come back to life.

Separated into five themes, the exhibition looks at the hidden meanings and the symbolism in his works, the techniques he used, and his practice towards perfection.

This is a paid for exhibition, but it does have interactive activities within it. You are invited to draw and sketch in the gallery space and the exhibition has some interactive features. If you love traditional East Asian art then this is the perfect exhibition for you.

Even better news is that if you participate in the National Lottery you can get into the exhibition for FREE from 23 November to 1 December. Just produce a lottery ticket during this period and you can enter the exhibition.

More information can be found on the National Museums Liverpool website