A radio is a potent tool for new and uprising artists. A lot of people listen to the radio, either online or offline, AM and FM stations. Radio promotion is very relevant in promoting new uprising music.

Every successful artist has a fan base that is loyal to them and this is made possible by radio promotion after submitting music to radio stations, making it a source of income for the artist.

How to get your song on the radio?

This article will look into a radio promotion service called Playlist-Promotion.com. This is how to get your song on the radio. 

About Playlist-Promotion.com

Here, a record label or a musician can use YouTube promotion and Spotify Promotion to market its music effectively.

Major Lazer, French Montana, Afro B, BTS and Bring Me the Horizon are some of the artists that Playlist-Promotion.com has promoted.

Playlist-Promotion.com’s new services goal is to offer musical artists a chance of receiving airplay from more than 40,000 radio stations. The importance of Radio Airplay promotion is that with radio distribution, an artist can succeed in the music industry for more people will know about them and their work.

The other fantastic thing is that when it promotes an artist’s song, it assures musicians of royalties from “ASCAP,” which has control over some radio stations. It also provides artists with a membership with over 850,000 music publishers, songwriters and composers.

The promotions ensure that every artist has a well-made plan that will fit in well with the budget available. If there are no results after using this promotion, a full refund is provided to the artist.

Music artists will not regret working with Playlist-Promotion.com for strong foundations worldwide that have been built with radio stations for a giveaway price. 

Steps in Promotion Service in Playlist-Promotion.com

There are three steps to be followed in the radio promotion service, Playlist-Promotion.com;

Step 1: Submission of Music

After submitting the song, Play-Promotion.com will review the music and give feedback after 72 hours indicating whether the piece was passed or not and if not, the artist can look into the work and make the necessary changes pointed out by Playlist-Promotion.com. 

Step 2: Payment of the Campaign and Choosing of the Promotion Start Date

After receiving an email with information that the song passed the test, an artist can now choose what promotion plan or package suites them in Playlist-Promotion.com. 

Step 3: Campaign Promotion

Submitting music to radio stations will be done by the radio promotion service. In this step, the artist will start hearing the songs being broadcasted on the chosen date.

For more information about Spotify Promotion, Radio Promotion or YouTube Promotion at Playlist-Promotion.com, click this link https://playlist-promotion.com or send an email to info@playlist-promotion.com.

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