Steve Marinangeli’s new single „This Time“ featuring Anna Bea

Steve Marinangeli’s new single „This Time“ featuring Anna Bea

Boundary breaking pop with a tinge of timeless nostalgia


Luscious organic melodies, spellbinding soundscapes and a softly soothing atmosphere that’s impossible to ignore. Steve Marinangeli is an exciting new pop artist from Luxembourg who is currently bringing his boundary breaking anthems to the global stage. His style fuses innovative production techniques to breathtaking songwriting and a intoxicating musical aroma that hooks you right from the start of the song.

Growing up on a steady diet of late 90’s and early 2000’s pop, the rapidly rising star really knows how to create something entirely fresh with a light tinge of timeless nostalgia. His songs will transport you to a better place and time whilst still staying forward-thinking enough to bring you something you’ve never heard before.

Genre? Pop

Skills? Performing, songwriting, production

From? Luxembourg


Steve will release his latest smash single “This Time” on May 14th. The timeless track takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the world of modern pop with a throwback to early 2000’s style. It is a group effort between him and British singer Anna Bea who fills the versatile vocals on the track. It’s a bittersweet love ballad about a couple who were once in love finally reigniting that spark after some time away following a breakup.

The song came about when Steve contacted acclaimed songwriter Simon Ellis who he’d worked on some previously unreleased songs with. He heard the music Steve came up with and was instantly hooked; realizing that he had the perfect lyrics to suit the song. They worked remotely and Anna hit the studio to record the vocals after some lyrical changes. The result is a deeply authentic anthem that’s simply oozing in originality.

The life, the vision

The seasoned songwriter first launched onto the music scene with a fierce passion for classic pop and boundary breaking production. Following a fruitful music career in his home country of Luxembourg, he managed to top the charts and is now bringing his sound to the world as he continues to win fans over far and wide. He has a real ability to transform his life experiences into sweet melodies that soothe the soul whilst still maintaining universal appeal.

The multi-talented songwriter first made his mark with his debut single “Rescue Me” that hit over 40K stream on Spotify and topped the iTunes charts in his home country. From here he wrote “Sacrifice” a moving, heartfelt piece that positioned him at No. 2 on the iTunes chart and amassed over 140K streams. His most recent track “It’s You” is just as innovative as his other pieces and managed to top the iTunes charts yet again, gaining over 110K streams. He continues to harness his sound and evolve as his music just gets better and better.

We can’t wait to see, how his new song This Time will perform all over the music platforms, once it’s released.

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