Portland Street 358 – The Rustic Haven of Worldwide Street Food 

Portland Street 358 – The Rustic Haven of Worldwide Street Food 

The menu in Portland Street 358 gives you fusion street food like you have never seen before. You literally have your pick of a bunch of cuisines from American, Mexican, oriental, middle eastern, Jamaican, Italian… The menu is very diverse. There’s a bit of everything expertly blended and ready to tuck in to. When we say there is something for everyone we honestly genuinely really really mean it.

I started off with the chicken wings. I love a bit of heat to my food especially when I’m in the mood for something spicy… so I chose the hot hot hottest sauce on offer – Franks Hot Sauce – the flavour was amazingly intense with the layers of heat and chilli bringing out the soft succulent contrast of the chicken. The crispy crunchy skin covered in tongue tingling hot sauce is something I’ve locked in to the memory bank for-ev-er…they were a perfect starter. They gave my tastebuds a real kickstart ready for the next culinary delights that were to follow.

I decided to choose a varied selection of food which has been influenced by different cuisine from around the world. It would have bene a travesty to stick to one genre of food with such a cultured menu that reflects a great knowledge of worldwide food. So next I went for The Bunny Chow and from that section I chose The Chicken Satay Bunny. I am a big lover of sauces and Jimmy’s Peanut Sauce was exceptional. It complimented the chicken and spring onion perfectly and the sticky rice to accompany it was what really pulled the whole dish together. The flavours were absolutely amazing. It really was a taste of The Orient right on my doorstep. Alongside this I decided to go for the greatly anticipated Pizza Fries and I was not disappointed. I went for Margarita ones and what I love most about them is the imagination of the dish. I love anything unusual or with a twist and to add two dishes together and create a new one that meshes absolutely perfectly is the true mark in the creation of a new signature dish and I think Portland Street 358 have done that with this one. Pizza Fries are an absolute staple in what street food is all about. Well known dishes presented in a new way. Pizza and Fries but with an edge. They were divine and will be the first thing I’ll think about ordering when I visit there again.

I love innovation and this restaurant is all the embodiment of that word. The food is excellent, diverse and full of flavour. The presentation is also that of high end street food. Everything with it’s only little twist presented in a different way. They have attention to detail down to a fine art.

Now to go with all that you’d need drinks to wash it down with that compliment such a variety of cuisine. Well the cocktails didn’t disappoint either. They were all created in house with their own take on some well known classics. I had the Strawberry Jam Mojito which I have to say I wish I could always have instead of the normal Mojito from now on as it really adds a lot of flavour to a classic cocktail. I was spoilt with it! There were others that were well thought out also like Una Dulce a lot of thought has gone into the ingredients of these as there were layers of flavour that you simply don’t find in a usual cocktail. The cocktail menu in here is as well thought out and as well presented as the food. I loved the names also. Ones like Beauty School Drop Out. All new fresh and innovative. It’s so refreshing to try a new take on food and drink and it work so well.

The setting of the restaurant is perfect for the genre of food and drinks on offer. It’s a rustic but contemporary haven with a warm feel and it manages to keep its edge while being comfortable and a great place to unwind at the same time. The decor really does compliment the menu. It’s the perfect place to relax while tucking into some really incredible food and drink. The service is also second to non. We were served by the most delightful lady. Nothing was to much trouble she had such great energy. She took personal preferences into account with so much interest. You can’t beat service were they are meticulous in striving to meet the customers needs.

This place is well worth a visit! You will not have had such a diverse and pleasurable eating experience right on your door step as whats on offer here. Make sure its at the top of Your Places To Eat list especially if you really appreciate innovation in food and drinks! You won’t have experienced a restaurant quite like this one before. I am forever trying new food and drink in many different settings and this was a place that really stood out for me 🙂


Carolyn Anderson