Pasta Evangelists – Review

Pasta Evangelists – Review

We were intrigued by Pasta Evangelists who promise “Restaurant-Quality Pasta, Delivered To Your Door”

and “complete with artisan pasta, the finest sauces & garnishes from Italy. Prepare 5* pasta in 5 minutes. Delivered across the UK.

So we asked Carolyn Anderson, aka Euince_TheUnicorn, freelance writer and reviewer of all things beautiful to find out more!

Pasta Evangelists! 

A must for the senses and certainly not your average mail order company.

So I tried a marvellous new concept and I have to say bravo to the creator of this innovative unique concept. It’s a way to get delicious and completely fresh pasta dishes to your door that are ready in minutes! Not only is it as fresh as the dish you would get sitting down in a restaurant and it coming out ten or 15 minutes later, but they keep coming up with new innovative recipes every week which make it a must to keep coming back to them to see what new and interesting dishes can be sent to you at the drop of a hat! 

I tried a spaghetti dish, a vegetarian dish and a ravioli crab dish. All equally as fresh as the next. In both the pasta and sauces that accompany them! My favourite I have to say was the Devon Crab Ravioli. The reason being that the seafood in this dish was like it had been caught in the ocean that very same afternoon. The pasta was as fresh as can be which complimented the rest of the ingredients in this dish perfectly. The seasonings and flavours provided in small containers to add once the dish was cooked, finished it off to a high standard and created a dish worthy of a Michelin star restaurant. 

I was truly wowed by the thought and preparation that’s gone into creating each dish for the customer on a personal level. It is almost like the chef who created these dishes is standing in the kitchen with you and preparing it. There is a real personal touch with each recipe you receive. 

You can also tell a lot by how a company presents their product and with Pasta Evangelists you would not be disappointed. Your ingredients arrive promptly next day delivery. In a well sealed upright box. There are ice packs in the box in order to keep your box of ingredients fresh! That impressed me I must say! It’s going that extra mile to ensure that your product arrives as fresh as you have guaranteed and they really do deliver on that promise. The packaging of all the ingredients is second to non. All separate and labelled in these beautiful little cases and boxes and all your dishes come with step by step easy to follow recipe cards which take a couple of minutes to prepare.

I would highly recommend you to peruse their sight and see if there is a dish you fancy trying out for dinner one night. They change their recipes on a weekly basis so there will always be something for everyone. You will not be disappointed by this innovative high end food delivery service. It is certainly one of the best I’ve seen in this new concept of food preparation! It’s absolutely miles ahead in terms of quality. This is why it is stocked at @Harrods that seal of approval speaks for itself! 


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