Novel and Innovative behold “The Fondue Sunday Roast” at Ma Boyle’s

Novel and Innovative behold “The Fondue Sunday Roast” at Ma Boyle’s

So I had the pleasure of trying out a fantastic fresh novel idea in Sunday lunches. As innovative as it comes is the “Fondue Sunday Roast” at Ma Boyle’s. Now I may be forgiven for being a little biased about this fantastic eatery due to me having many a great meal here on weekdays. But this can be quickly corrected with my objective opinion on roast dinners as I have never been here for a roast dinner before nor have I had the pleasure of visiting here on a Sunday!

Let me tell you now it did not disappoint! Not only was it every bit what I imagined and then some it was presented fit for a king on large wooden boards. The fondue pots were something to marvel at. Gravy fondue pots made of beautiful copper with a red wine gravy in that was simply to die for. The actual roast came all laid out like a platter which made everything on it easily accessible for picking up with the fondue forks provided. Those dainty little forks can be dipped straight into your piping hot gravy fondue pot. I may be forgiven for knowing I was going to love this idea right from the moment I heard about it due to the fact that I love meals prepared in a compartmentalised manner! In other words I love getting my sauces separate and that includes gravy on a roast dinner! So this was indeed no exception. This was my perfect idea of a roast but with bells on!

The roast potatoes were of the finest quality along with the meat and the vegetables in their delightful little portions were cooked to perfection. But the show stopper for me were the Yorkshire Puddings which I took full advantage of dunking in the gravy whole! I’m known for being partial to a Yorkshire pudding or two and these did not disappoint. Waffle shaped Yorkshire puddings! Another novel idea to add to the uniqueness of the experience!

Not only that but it was one of the best experiences I’ve had to date in Sunday eating! Not only for it’s unique approach to a Sunday dinner but for the quality and beauty of the food presented to me. Get yourself down to Ma Boyle’s but make it early because the only problem you could ever experience here is them running out of Fondue pots to serve your dinner due to their popularity!  10/10 Impeccable


Carolyn Anderson


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