Taylor-Grace certainly isn’t shy. The singer-songwriter appears to have been born to perform. Yet life hasn’t always been a walk in the park for this talented musician. 

After spending a lifetime growing up with self-doubt, rejection and depression, singer Taylor-Grace finds purpose and happiness when she discovers music and new opportunities arise. Not only does she find purpose in music but she also discovers her voice and unlocks a confident side to her that she never thought she had. The track is about finding a new outlook on life and how the world seems brighter when a purpose is discovered and unlocking your true potential.

In this captivating collaboration with producer Geo Moon, the message of optimism and hope shines through. The mellow 808 beat meshes wonderfully with Taylor’s powerful pop-punk style vocal, as she sings of having now found her melody. Melody here, appears to be a metaphor for one’s purpose in life. The story-telling bodes well with some distorted guitar, adding a real sense of drama and holding our attention as we eagerly await another verse. The thud of the kick drum will pulsate through your entire system. 

 Even in the darkest of moments, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel…

‘My Melody’ by Geo Moon feat. Not Now Norman is out on all major platforms to stream & download, including on Spotify.

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