On Saturday 28th January, we attended one of Motion’s spectacular techno showcases — and what a party it was! The Liverpool promoters have been hosting lively, fun fiestas since 2012 and have brought top DJs to Merseyside such as Kevin Saunderson, Format:B, Noir, Detlef, Guy J and Sebestien Leger, whilst providing a platform for the best North West DJs such as Greg Wilson, Derek Kaye, Steve Parry and many more.

After a bit of a break, Motion are back with a bang in 2017 with three big events scheduled between January and March. We were guests at the first party of the year, where the legendary Danny Howells produced one of his famous extended sets alongside Motion founder Prudence, Welsh duo Brodyr and a b2b2b set from Stefano Gambone, Regan Williams and Samuel Nino.

The venue for this first event of 2017 was 24 Kitchen Street in Liverpool’s thriving Baltic Triangle. Despite being under threat from plans for a residential complex on the land next to it, 24 Kitchen Street continues to be one of the Baltic’s main hotspots — bringing a variety of music to the industrial area.

We arrived an hour before midnight as Motion head honcho and resident DJ, Prudence, took control of the decks in his energetic style. It had been a while since I had attended a Motion event and his set reminded me of why I love these events so much! Prudence was as lively as ever and hit us with perfectly timed drops, managing to integrate the likes of Moby into his set — building up spiritual harmonies euphorically before taking them out with deep, dark and dirty basslines. With 24 Kitchen Street bouncing to every beat, the scene was set for a four hour extravaganza from the charismatic legend, Danny Howells.

Howells has a reputation for his quirky attire, unique style and extended sets — on this night in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle I discovered why. Donning a hat that gave him the look of One Punch Micky from Snatch and a smile that suggested mischief, Danny had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the off. He pulled out all sorts of tracks and for four hours we were taken on a relentless techno journey — each track seamlessly blending into the next with a constant euphoric energy. As with all Motion events, the dance floor was full of friendly faces and everyone including the staff of the venue were clearly loving this feel good fiesta right until the bitter end.

Following this amazing showcase, it’s clear to see that Motion is ready to rock 2017 so prepare yourselves for two more big events coming up! The next one features a massive booking in UMEK at Liverpool’s new Underground club on 3rd March ( followed by the RAFFA FL event on 31st March (

I caught up with Motion founder, Prudence, after the first event for a little Q&A and to check out his set from the night….

Urbanista: Motion has been quiet for a while….what have you been up to?

Prudence: It certainly has and that’s not a bad thing. It’s good to have time off and not constantly be at it month after month after month and there is a few reasons for that. We like to plan and make sure we get the right booking for us and Liverpool and not just throw a party for the sake of throwing one. We take everything into consideration such as the date, the timing, the production, the DJ and the people — it all has to be right in our eyes. If it’s not right or there is a lot of stuff going on we simply won’t put a party on because it’s important to get it 100% right than nearly right.…right?

And what have we been up to? Well you were there at Danny Howells — we have been planning getting it 100% right haha, and we did right? It was a great party full of new faces and it sold out — we loved it! And then there’s planning the two March events — we have these and the whole first half of the year planned already. UMEK is going to be our biggest show to date production wise with CO2 cannons, lasers and 1000 people — UMEK is a huge booking and has won awards so  it would be rude not to put on a big show!

Urbanista: You have a busy start to 2017. How do you feel this first event of the year went?

Prudence: Ahhh Justin — it was great wasn’t it? We had our usual friends and an up for it crowd, great music and production and it was just an all-round brilliant vibe at 24 Kitchen Street. Selling out again was great — it’s always a bonus! We sold out for Format:B last year for our first show of the year and we were chuffed to do it again — we’d like to say a big thank you to all who came. We are so grateful and really appreciate every person old and new that comes to a Motion event.

Urbanista: There seems to be so many nights and events in Liverpool these days. Why do you think Motion remains so popular?

Prudence: There are so many mate, yeah, and all really good! Some of the guys I have spoken to behind the new ones seem nice too and I hope they do well. I’m glad you think we are popular Justin and thanks — I hope other people do too as we put a lot of work into our parties. I think we keep drawing crowds in because of the diversity of our bookings and the simple fact that we haven’t ran before we walked. We are in year 5 now and built up a crowd base over the years of different people from different music genres — Motion isn’t a click and anyone is welcome to party with us. We don’t have one set genre of bookings — we have had Kevin Saunderson, Detlef, Format:B, Greg Wilson, Derek Kaye, Danny Howells, Sebastien leger, Guy J and have UMEK coming up just to name a few, so you can see we love all kinds of electronic music and as you can imagine all different genres and ages are attracted to the different styles!

Urbanista: Who would be your dream booking for an event?

Prudence: I have a few — UMEK being one of them, so that’s ticked off the list as it’s literally 4 weeks away! I still can’t believe I have booked him — 3rd March is going to be unreal! Another dream booking would be Solomun — that would be a brilliant booking so watch this space haha!

Urbanista: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Prudence: Oooo you always slip this question in don’t you haha, and you always get the same answer — the plans for the rest of the year is what you see released! UMEK and Raffa FL are coming up in March but that’s it for now — I can’t let all the gossip slip in one interview now can I?

Prudence’s set from the night:

For tickets to the UMEK and Raffa FL events:—-UMEK/12899329/—Raffa-FL–Guests-/12899226/





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