Model Focus – Lauren Alexis

Model Focus – Lauren Alexis

Lauren Alexis is 21 years old from Essex in England. Lauren is  5ft4 and started modelling when she was just aged 12-13, however decided to take a hiatus after family members worried on the effect it could have on her mental and physical health.

She returned to modelling again when she turned 18, as she now considered herself an adult and now had control of her own life. Lauren has always been very confident with her body and is hoping to to achieve positivity in her field and for all likened industries bodies to be recognised equally. She states:

“I wants people to start being more open about themselves, I find positivity comments empowering. The hate and negativity I’ve received is overwhelmed by the positivity that’s shared”.

When meeting Lauren its clear her future looks bright, she is a very open individual with a calming air of confidence.

“I’m always looking for new opportunities, and new ways to express myself. I’m a very open person and love being able to help others’.

Lauren agency say;

“She deals with insecurities head on. And the industry she is in her body confidence has certainly helped”.

She’s very proud of how farther modelling world has come in the past century, how society’s are slowly recognising women and equals and what doors this will open for her and other alike in years to come.

Watch this space 2021, you heard her name here first!


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