So last weekend Urbanista found itself having a gander at Mint Festival for the second year running. Although it was only a day event this year with no camping, that did not sway from the amazing line-up and entertainment. Mint never seems to disappoint when it comes to these features. The festival was held at ‘The Tetley’ with 5 tents: System, No Curfew, Bitch, Elrow and Knee Deep in Leeds, filling them with some of the biggest names in techno, house, drum n bass and more. The Tetley building itself was the VIP Area which had two bars and two DJ areas as opposed to last year only having one of each — hopefully this kind of improvement will follow in the years to come. With the introduction of the new ‘Drink Bands’ system this year, it made it much easier to purchase drinks without having the headache of buying ‘Drink Tokens’ the prior year. This was just one of the perks making this year run a bit smoother.

Once again this year I was treated to luxury toilets but also an extra few luxuries. Firstly, Tracks Barbers, which had a very vintage old fashioned gentleman theme who were offering complimentary haircuts/beard trims for the Gents and Eyebrow threading for the girls, or guys if your into that sort of thing. They have a shop in Leeds so it’s definitely worth checking them out. My friend got her eyebrows done by Lauren and they looked on point. The second luxury was the Energise Chair Massage — now this girl really knew how to work all those kinks out, allowing us to carry on the day raving and misbehaving but if that wasn’t enough there was also Kismet, whose speciality was make up, hair, face paint and all things glittery. These guys definitely put the top hat on making me festival ready with my braids and glitter. Check them out on instagram — KISMET GLITTER.

However, the perks I’ve mentioned were only accessible in the VIP area. In this area I got the chance to see a couple of really great sets from two of the DJs. This would not have been the case without the privilege of this pass, which my friends in the 2 hour long queue quickly realised, so I decided to intervene and use my press status by going to the ticket entrance to see what I could sway. As I glanced down I saw a little box of staff t-shirts and me being me I put one on, strolled past security, grabbed my friends and pulled them to the front of the queue. Now, I’m not suggesting you do this but it worked a treat.

Moving on into the main festival area, the place was pretty packed out and to fully appreciate the DJs on the main stages I would have needed to filter through an almost endless sea of people to see or hear them properly. The main area was so packed that I only got a chance to see Lukas, Loco Dice and Eats Everything. I’m not complaining though, as they were the main DJs I wanted to see but it would have been good to catch a few more. Lukas warmed the Elrow tent up with a real carnival vibe, complimenting Elrow’s psychedelic themed atmosphere. If you have never had the pleasure of being in an inflatable beach toy filled Elrow tent, it really is something you need to put on the bucket list. Next I witnessed Loco Dice absolutely pack out the System stage with some really industrial style tech/house. I couldn’t have been happier at this point — his set was awesome. Lastly I headed on back to Elrow for Eats Everything before I had to leave sadly to catch the train back home. I would suggest staying in Leeds if you go for a day event so as not to miss anything, but at least I left on a high. The weather again this year was spot on with the sun shining even though the weather always says it will rain — this is the last good weather festival you can attend before winter hits.


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