A Midsummer Nights Dream at The Epstein Theatre

A Midsummer Nights Dream at The Epstein Theatre

Shakespeare’s classic A Midsummer Nights Dream was given a scouse makeover at The Epstein Theater, Carolyn Anderson went to catch the action.

Shakespeare for me has always been a magical genre. Its stories are always shrouded in mysticism and its lyrical language is like a symphony that only Shakespeare lovers can here. A Midsummer Nights Dream is no different. In fact it is my favourite of all the Shakespeare plays. Not only for its storyline of love and mischief but for its profound use of lyrical language with lines such as:

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

So this version of the play at The Epstein Theater was a wonderful take on one of Shakespeare’s best works. The thing I loved most about it was that it kept all the original Shakespearean language but added a scouse comedy element in with that. It was refreshing to listen to something so diverse as scouse humour portrayed in old English haha. Saying some of Shakespeare’s most famous lines in that signature sarcastic scouse way that only us Liverpudlians can really grasp the entirety of.

I thought the best characters where the guys in the woods who were practicing their play because this is where the scouse comedy elements where coming from. I also loved the mischievous fairies. They portrayed that magical element of the story and they had an air of mystery about them which is what I think Shakespeare would of wanted to project. I did get confused at the fairy king and queen who played the duke and duchess earlier on in the play but then I realised that it was all played as a dream so the characters at the beginning became these different characters in the dream. It was well worth a watch.

You are kept captivated throughout the play and the second half is hysterical. They save most of the comedy for it with the male scouse characters doing their play in the woods. It was a marvelous adaptation of a timeless classic in a great location of a timeless classic theater. What a perfect location to set the scene. I will be definitely going back to this theater to watch other productions as I loved the feel it gave to this play. Beautiful location and great production.


Written by… Carolyn Anderson