Develop your mystical side with Liverpool’s first Magic Skool

Develop your mystical side with Liverpool’s first Magic Skool

Spiritual development seems to be en vogue at the moment and Liverpool is getting its very first dose of a School for all things mystical.

Magic Skool, is a collective of Geniene and 5 other healers that will be sharing their wisdom with successful applicants when the first course runs in February 2018 in Liverpool City Centre.

The course is for anyone keen to improve their knowledge on matters of the soul. Modules to include Crystal healing, shadow work, shamanic practices, life coaching and how to heal your life. More information here

“Magic Skool” is the dreams and musings of Geniene Azalea, a former PR girl  and Reiki and Meditation practitioner. She was taught mindfulness and meditation in personal practice by a former Buddhist monk, sometimes sitting together in introspection for hours at a time. A spontaneous spiritual awakening guided her into a soul journey through Thailand, India and Bali before returning home to Liverpool to share her teachings.

Geniene Azalea

Individuals looking for personal growth and spiritual development with strong mentors might want to consider an application to Magic Skool. You can apply by entering your email at or check out the Sass and Self Help Facebook page for more information.



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