Is Your Pet Getting Proper Nutrition for Optimal Skin and Coat Health?

Is Your Pet Getting Proper Nutrition for Optimal Skin and Coat Health?

Many commercial pet foods lack the essential nutrients for proper pet health. High-quality, serious pet supplement companies collaborate with veterinarians to develop excellent, safe and effective products to help keep pets healthy and thriving.  

Why is Skin and Coat Health Important?

Your pet’s skin and coat play vital roles in their health, and they are an important part of their immune system. And with healthy skin and a healthy coat, your pet’s coat will look and feel better.  The following are some of the basic functions of the skin and coat:

  • Protection. The skin and coat provide a barrier that protects a dog or cat from external objects, chemicals, and environmental stressors. In simplest terms, the skin and coat protect the internal organs from external threats. The skin also contains nerves and nerve endings that help a pet sense heat, cold, pressure, and pain. Additionally, the coat protects pets against chemical damage, trauma, ultraviolet light, and contact with hot surfaces.
  • Immunity. The skin also functions as an important part of the immune system. If the skin’s immunity is compromised, infections and potentially serious diseases caused by harmful bacteria could occur.
  • Hydration. Your pet’s skin is critical in maintaining proper hydration. Water loss through the skin can severely impact your pet’s health. Dogs and cats do not have sweat glands, so excess water loss through unhealthy skin often causes health problems. Excessive water loss through the skin also affects the amount of energy a pet needs to maintain his metabolism.

Are Pet Supplement Products Safe?

To ensure safety, the concentration of active ingredients in pet nutritional supplement should be in line with regulatory recommendations. Nutritional supplements can lead to adverse events when the maximum tolerable or safe dose is exceeded. Therefore, it is recommended to speak with your Veterinarian before giving your pet a supplement and it is important to choose pet supplements from a company that you trust.

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