Interview with this years ‘Best Live Act’ at the 2018 Independent Festival Awards Henge…

Interview with this years ‘Best Live Act’ at the 2018 Independent Festival Awards Henge…

Tell us a little about Henge and your planet?

Each member of HENGE is from a different planet.

I, Zpor, am from Agricular in Cosmos Redshift 7. It was while I was a youngling on this planet that I first absorbed the sacred frequencies of ‘cosmic dross’ – traditional ceremonial music of my people, the Agriculans. My planet no longer exists but we, the Agriculans, found a way to unite our species and worked together to set up colonies on other planets.

Nom (the membranophone player) is from Xylanthia in the Sirius Star System. He is a wise amphibious creature and keeper of the sacred plasma.

Goo is a Venusian. He is the sole survivor of a catastrophic mass extinction event of Venus. We saved this specimen and now he travels with us and provides the bass frequencies in our music.

Grok is a human. He made contact with us in the astral realm and with his help we were able to land safely on your dangerous, militarised planet.

Does DMT derive from your planet?

It occurs in many places throughout the universe.

Is there a god?

I have lived many billions of (Earth) years, travelled the galaxy, encountered many lifeforms and borne witness to their varied and ofttimes strange belief structures and religious customs. Here on Planet Earth I have observed that human beings have evolved as an extremely egotistical species. The popularity of their monotheistic organised religions is evidence of this. These belief systems seek to reduce the wild forces of the universe to the whims of a singular god and glorify mankind as the central character in a universe created especially for him/her…

David Bowie was a god like genius to us earthlings, was he right when he said there’s a starman waiting in the sky?

There are many lifefoms “waiting in the sky”.

How well have the human population taken to the release of ‘Attention Earth!’?

Human beings have been extremely receptive to our first record on this planet – ‘Attention Earth!’. We have spent the last 3.5 Earth years fine tuning cosmic dross for human ears. We are pleased that our experiments have borne fruit and many specimens have managed to absorb these alien sounds into their human psyche.

You have recently been voted  ‘Best Live Act’ at the 2018 Independent Festival Awards can you tell us mere mortals what we can expect form one of your live shows?

Our live gatherings take the form of group experiments where we seek to expand the consciousness of participants through the transmission of cosmic dross. So far the results have included:

1) specimens showing signs of extreme euphoria

2) ecstatic clapping of hands and raising of voices

3) the proliferation of joy among humans.

Whats acts have caught you over this this years festival season?

The Evil Usses, Dubi Dolczek, Big Lad, The Age of Glass, Barberos, Look Mum No Computer, Mr Vast, ICHI, Mrs Cakehead, Alabaster De Plume, Black Lace, Ruby My Dear, Omar Soulyman, Paddy Steer, Honeyfeet, Gogol Bordello, Shunya, Monster Zoku Onsomb!, Rrritalin, Smiley Maxx… Each one of these acts are superb. It has been a very good year for music on Planet Earth!

Which was your favourite festival and why?

Fusion Festival in Germany. Bluedot, Beatherder and Bangface in the UK. The atmosphere at these festivals is conducive to the successful transmission of cosmic dross.

Who is your prime target for abduction in 2019?  Justin Bieber, Bill Crosby, Kanye West??

We do not engage in abduction as it would infringe on the freedom of the human specimen in question.

Is your method of reproduction similar to that The Xenomorphs from the Aliens movie?

No. Its all about cloning…

Why should the people of Liverpool buy a ticket for your show?

We have identified the citizens of Liverpool as important participants in the cosmic dross experiment. Their aptitude for humour and frivolity make them perfect candidates for the successful absorption of our mutated frequencies.

Whats your plan for 2019? Universal domination…

We do not wish to dominate. We have come to Earth to help you… and we will diligently continue our mission in 2019.















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