Influencers and Animal Testing.

Influencers and Animal Testing.

The DIY influencer/makeup and beauty gurus has become one of the most commonly found careers to stem from social media, mainly Instagram and YouTube, which leads me to this months edition…
It seems that anyone who is half decent looking can prop up and camera, film tutorials and call themselves an influencer these days.
They get paid a shed load of money and free trips etc with top cosmetic companies, now don’t get me wrong I’m not digging it as I actually respect the work that goes into the videos, but I do wish it was regulated a bit more, qualifications required etc.

As someone who spent 6years training I feel it desaturates the industry and i would rather take advice from someone that is trained in knowing things like ingredients in specific products than someone who just has interests in makeup.
I want to know the scientifically proven benefits behind products, what it’s actually going to do for your skin etc.

And now onto my most important view.
Animal Testing and Influencers.


What actually irks me the most is that even if a cosmetic company tests on animals and the influencer promotes them knowing this, technically they are influencing that its ok to test on animals for the sake of beauty.
This is where money over morals comes into play.

I would say 99% of beauty influencers happily promote companies that test on animals.
There are so many brands out there that don’t test on animals so why oh why do influencers choose to do so?
I did reach out to 15 top YouTube influencers and unfortunately not one replied!

Now I’m also aware that a lot of the general public use makeup that is tested on animals, what I say to you is please do your research and you will see it’s not necessary to use animal tested products as there is many brands that do not test on animals that are budget friendly and also high end.

For those wanting to see which brands do not test on animals here is a link

Ultimate Guide To Cruelty-Free + Vegan Makeup Brands | 2017

I have also included this amazing article by PETA which is more in-depth about the laws on animal testing.

Until next time.
Stay beautiful ♥️