How Juan Sánchez’s ‘Heading to Dreamland’ will surely take you to the Dreamland

How Juan Sánchez’s ‘Heading to Dreamland’ will surely take you to the Dreamland

The beauty of Barcelona adorned with pitch pine and flung with stones of differing sizes. The gem conditioned waters of the Mediterranean that effortlessly lap the pebbled seashores of Halkidiki, Greece. The flawlessness of a shell, extents that address a mystery truth. The barren magma fields of Iceland, viciousness and annihilation solidified in existence. 

“My absolute first piano instructor instructed me to discover excellence in the nature of the world,” stated Juan Sánchez. “We would tenderly contemplate an expression like the smooth winding of a shell. Playing the piano in an associated style to make soothing music was something that I learned through smooth stones that sounded brilliantly when river water struck it, or segments of velvet and delicate leaves, gushed through the winds making a distinct sound,” he further added. 

Juan Sánchez further highlights that he used to take a gander at photos and masterpieces of art frequently; he acquired motivation from pictures when nature fizzled. 

My go-to place for musical inspiration is the ocean. The rhythms of the waves, the way the sunlight dancing on the water, everything inspires me to create a piece of music that gives people a similar peace that nature gives to me,” Juan Sánchez explained. 

Twenty years after Juan Sánchez started making instrumental electronic music for multi-media and sound libraries, the Barcelona based piano player, and maven composer is developing as a significant musician in the neo-traditional surrounding meditational domain of new era of music. 

Beginning in mid-2019, he has released a whirlwind of lavish, free-streaming and cognizance growing singles, each extraordinarily recorded distinctive piano in an alternate studio with different artists working together. Hence, they all have their own particular vibe. On top charts, remained the ‘Rebirth’ that took the internet by storm. The fantastic rendition got 600.000 streams alone on Spotify and, to date, has been used in various YouTube videos for its soothing feel.

He named the first track ‘Rebirth’ as he says, “I have begun to figure out how to reinvent my mind by taking self-awareness courses. I will likely totally defeat my self-restricting convictions that were upsetting my development and self-awareness. Since I am beginning to see the products of my prosperity and change how I think, I feel that, here and there, I am turning into a renewed individual – I have been reawakened. This is only the beginning of my profession, and that extraordinary things are to come later on. Yet, this first album marks my reincarnation.”

The second of these soulful tracks, “Heading to Dreamland,” is, consistent with its insightful title. This delicate and hypnotic tune perfectly grandstands Sánchez’s personal connection with the keys of his piano and his ability for making calm yet profoundly passionate tunes that take the audience on an emotional excursion. Intended to lead us to an available condition of consciousness and an ethereal dream phase express that we can experience the passion in this music all while resting, “Heading to Dreamland” starts with the delicate beauty of piano caressed with lavish strings. 

Undoubtedly, each masterpiece created by Juan Sánchez has the ability to take us to a trance-like state. Each of his track has the power to portray the peace derived from nature because this what his inspiration is. Halfway through, the beat of the piano picks up faintly, maybe to empower progress into lucid dreaming, where we can take an interest to imagine the best of times, we desire in life, even while somewhere asleep. At that point, the song settles down to the gentler, thoughtful stream that helps us to remember where the excursion started, the soothing, gentle strokes on piano’ key. 

These are just proposals to consider when you’re tuning in to the piano player’s profound trip. Sánchez called the piece “Heading to Dreamland” since, he says, “I generally tune in to decent, relaxing music when I am sleeping, and I love nodding off to it. I created the piece with this expectation.” The incredible thing about music is the ethereal and profound feeling that is distinct to all of us.  We are all capable of interpreting this music uniquely and let it be our preferred soundtrack to embark on the journey of spirituality. I can hardly wait to see where Sánchez’s melodic journey will take us in future.

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