“Her Anniversary Anxiety”

“Her Anniversary Anxiety”

In this period of social agitation where the discussion about gender inequality can become very heated and often heavy in tone, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a film that approaches gender inequality in a light and meaningful way. 

Many people feel that if a woman proposes to a man there is something wrong with the man – he is not a real man. Or perhaps the woman is desperate? Then they feel bad for the man, thinking he must feel emasculated if his female partner proposes. In the micro-short film, “Her Anniversary Anxiety,” a different reality is offered. What if a normal, modern, independent woman has found the man of her dreams and decides she wants to marry him? Pilar is that woman. She is not afraid to break old societal norms and go after what she wants, although she’s still nervous as heck!

In this film Edie Pilar Monroy – Director/Screenwriter/Actress – and Giulia Governo – Director/Cinematographer – show to the audience that love is love. This couple in “Her Anniversary Anxiety” has no pretenses about gender roles. Pilar wants to marry her partner and so she takes the initiative and asks him to marry her. Enthralled, he says yes — a reflection of their modern relationship. 

Edie, a Colombian-Ecuadorian New Yorker, and Giulia, a native Italian of Turin, met in Los Angeles and instantly became sisters, they even found out their astrological charts are almost the same. It was kismet from there! Edie is an actress-screenwriter and Giulia is a cinematographer, and together they directed this sweet micro-short. Edie and Giulia love working together and share the same drive to tell stories that address social issues. No project is too small, no story too insignificant; they will find a different angle that will intrigue, inspire, and entertain. 

“Her Anniversary Anxiety” is now in the festival circuit.

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