In challenging times; many of us look for ways to relax our minds and ease stress. But what if we told you that you could be guided into a state of blissful meditation with ancient vibrational instruments in a sound bath journey? Could this be the quick fix to bliss we are craving?

What in the cosmos, is a sound therapy journey, you say?
Essentially, a sound bath or journey is a guided meditation that aims to slow your thoughts to a minimum, giving your mind a chance to relax as the ambient sounds and vibrations envelope you. This is not the same as sleep, as the brain is in a different frequency and whilst we are sleeping whilst dreaming, and sometimes dreams can be complex causing a range of emotions whilst in the sleep state!

Your sound therapist will usually seat or lie you in a comfortable position and play instruments such as gongs, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes and rattles around you.
Sound therapy is certainly no new phenomenon, with the remedy being favoured by various cultures for thousands of years and it seems that modern day science may be catching up. Its particularly easy to practice as it doesn’t need discipline or patience, just turn up and listen!

Local wellness practitioner, Geniene Azalea, has been holding Sound therapy group sessions since 2016 and is seeing a huge jump in demand for her healing services in 2023. She had this to say.

“With the ongoing access to mental health services being limited, we are a nation in crisis. I have seen first hand, the positive effect of sound therapy and access to community can have on people. The NHS has been at boiling point for a long time now and people who are able to seek out alternative therapies to ease stresses, can and should”

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