Get on board with Kirstie Williams, owner of salon41.

Get on board with Kirstie Williams, owner of salon41.

As ladies of the 20th century we all know that our hair is an integral part of our beauty regime, be it to banish the grey, change our colour or just keep up with current trends, it’s apparent that we hold a special relationship with our hairdressers.
So let’s get on board with Kirstie at Salon41 to talk about trends,brands and much more.

So Kirstie before we get into this topic, tell me about your background and how you got into the industry.

It was actually my partner Paul who got me into hairdressing after noticing my love for doing hair and my passion for being creative.

I was trained at Micheal John college in Wallasey by Jan Marley where I gained my NVQ qualifications in hairdressing.
I then went in to progress my skills by completing my barbering NVQ and enrolling in a creative cutting course and several creative colouring courses.

What would you say are the current trends in hair colouring and cutting?

I haven’t really noticed a new hair trend for this year.

I do however have a lot of clients who want their hair more natural looking, there is still a huge demand for balayage, ombré and root stretch looks, and the pastel hair colouring is still in high demand, but as for a new trend, I just don’t think there is one at the moment.

Many women out there are happy to have what they like and not what they think they should have because someone else has it.

What products do you use in the salon for hair and why?

Having been in the industry for 15 years I have used a lot of products.

I had never really found a complete brand that I loved, don’t get me wrong I have loved a lot of products but never had found the perfect complete range Until 2 years ago!
I wanted something that myself and my clients would love to use, that was high quality and affordable for my clients, so I took a leap of faith and decided to try out a brand that I had never used before and that is when I fell in love with the brand that is Neal Wolf.

They are amazing to work with, and true to what they claim which is massively important to me as a hairdresser.

With this particular brand is what the products contain, or rather what they don’t!
You’re hair is delicate and the less chemicals you put onto your hair the better, Neal Wolf products are helping us do that by removing all the unnecessary chemicals that we don’t need in our products.

What compliment from a client are you most proud of?

Tricky one!
Obviously I’m proud of every single compliment that a client gives to me about their hair, it really makes me feel like I’ve achieved great things.

Whether it’s from just a fringe trim to a full complete hair makeover, I genuinely find it hard to pick any out of them all, as long as my client is happy I’m happy.

What does stick out however is from a personal perspective, my family and how proud they are of what I have achieved over the years, i started right at the bottom as an apprentice and worked my way through gaining more experience and finally achieving my dream of having my own salon.

I also couldn’t have done all of that without the strength, love and support from my partner Paul which has attributed to why I have become as successful as i am.

Why do you think the nation has such close relationships with their hairdressers?

Getting your hair done can be quite a personal experience.
Our relationships are built with trust and respect just like they are with friendships.

Every client is putting their trust in me every time they walk through the salon doors and I have to respect that they are giving me that trust.
We become a listener, a friend, a confider, someone who they can sometimes off load their troubles to or share their exciting news.

We’re not there to judge or criticise or offer any kind of view, we are there to listen, support, help them relax and send them out feeling amazing.

My ultimate aim is to recognise that when a client walks out the door feeling like a weight has been lifted , a skip in their step and feel like they look amazing, that is what makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks to Kirstie at Salon41 for giving us an insight into the hairdressing world.
Until next time
Emma xoxox

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