Dupes Dupes Dupes!

Dupes Dupes Dupes!


Ladies, have you ever gone to visit a beauty counter, tried a few products, loved the outcome of your new look, to then be told it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg?.

You smile at the cashier, act like it isn’t a problem as you clearly have plenty of money to burn to look fabulous, when infact the reality is, you either won’t wear it enough cause it cost a bloody fortune so you just revert to using  on “special occasions”,or the other dilemma is that you use it everyday and then realise after 3 months you have to go and buy it all again as you’re on empty!

I am sure we all have experienced this at one time at least and although I am a believer in the old saying “you get what you pay for”, that isn’t always right.
Whilst being an avid makeup user I have to admit i am also a bit of a makeup geek forever looking at the ingredients on products and comparing them to see if they are similar to each other.

So today’s edition is all about dupes, saving some money in the process by getting the most from your ££ and sharing my top 3 latest discovered Dupes.

Mac fix plus spray VS Nivea Refreshing toner. These have 6 of the same main ingredients in them both and having tried and tested both there is little difference and both perform the same.
Mac fix plus 100ml RRP £19.00
Nivea refreshing toner 200ml RRP £1.79

Tarte Shape Tape VS Makeup Revolution.

The newest dupe on the block and having used both I can vouch they are very very similar, a thick concealer that hides the deepest of dark circles! Makeup revolution are one of the top high street drugstore brands at the minute and are knocking out some beautiful makeup items and this latest one does not disappoint at all.
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 10ml RRP £28.00
Makeup revolution 4.3ml RRP £4.00

Estée Lauder Vs Primark.

And finally another recent dupe.

I came across this from the talented Sinead Waering, a fellow makeup artist who blogged about it and shared this beautiful find, and what a dupe it is!

So i of course had to test it for myself and let me tell you she was spot on as this did not budge!
Estée Lauder doublewear 30ml RRP £33.50
Primark longwear ultimate matte foundation 30ml RRP £5.00

So that rounds up my first column.

Let me know if you have tried any of the above Dupes as I love getting feedback, i hope you all enjoyed reading and until next time…..
Stay beautiful.

Emma xoxo

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