Following many local gigs in the last year or so, a feature on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music Introducing show and a book release from the lead singer, Scaredycats have released their long awaited debut album, Dumb Animals. The band, consisting of Neil Dutton (drums), Andy Jacobson (keyboards), Jim Pearson (guitar, vocals) and Steve Wale (bass, vocals), are a lovable quartet — providing catchy yet slightly melancholic songs about modern day life. A proper band focused on making music to entertain, provoke thoughts and portray feelings about life, these guys are in it for the right reasons and are not an ego-obsessed outfit.

The debut album kicks off with ‘Only Human’ and has a real 70s sound going on. Hints of E.L.O can be detected with the occasional bit of Jamiroquai funk coming through. With plenty of keyboard and synth action, this track is a great introduction to what these guys are all about. Only Human’s opening line is ‘I’ve been pondering existence’ and lyrically this sets the tone for the rest of the album. In a similarly sceptical manner, the next track, ‘Parcel Tracking’, questions modern day life and the rat race we live in with references to online shopping and status checking. With great harmony and a really clicky and catchy chorus, this is my favourite song on the album.

The third track, ‘Independent Life’, has a clappy rhythm and continues the disillusioned and slightly melancholic perspective — this time with a political theme. The track builds up to an impressive crescendo and after listening to the first three tracks I can guarantee you’ll have at least one stuck in your head afterwards. From the off, it’s clear that the four have great chemistry and as a band they’re tight and gel so well. ‘My Equilibrium’ comes next and takes a slower approach, as does ‘Bombs’, although both adopt the same outlook and attitude on matters. ‘Heart Attack’ is a powerful and thought provoking piece and is followed by ‘Are We Dead’ — another catchy track that stuck in my head after listening, with this time the topic being war.

‘Dumb Animals’, the track of the same name as the album, is an amusing tune about animals and has sing-a-long chorus — it’s another example of Scaredycats’ unique take on things. The final track of this debut album is ‘Astronauts’ and with some trippy space-like sounds going on and plenty of keyboard and synth action, it’s an interesting way to finish.

Scaredycats’ debut album has been a long time coming and hopefully they will now kick on — they’ve certainly got the talent and they have a great angle. These guys have an endearing manner about them with lyrics you can relate to and catchy riffs. They’re tight, well tuned and have great chemistry and a wonderful harmony together. Have a listen to the album and you’ll see why they’ve received acclaim from BBC Radio 6.

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