Drop Servicing Pro by Dejan D. Nick: An honest Review

Drop Servicing Pro by Dejan D. Nick: An honest Review

Have you ever been curious about the people making fortunes online? Have you ever wondered if it might be your pathway to success?

Drop Servicing Pro is a step by step training that makes building an online business simple process. Dejan teaches you how to find the best services, how to build high converting stores, he shares many different shortcuts that will help you see your first results within hours and much more.

But is it worth it? Let’s find out.


Dejan Dave Nick himself has an excellent reputation in the online business industry. At a very young age, Dejan was able to build large following of inspired entrepreneurs with over 100,000 in total subscribers on his YouTube channels (Online Hustle & Investor).

He has put together an impressive product which gets some great reviews online.

Drop Servicing Pro is a truly useful way to learn about making your drop servicing business a success and it provides you with the free tools, free resources and free traffic to get started.

Do you dream of a better future? Where money is no longer a worry? It seems a long way off, doesn’t it?

Well, there is a way to make it happen.


Dejan Dave Nick has been a major success story in the online marketing field and is often referred to as a “traffic genius” for his experience and expertise in increasing internet traffic.

I have studied his Drop Servicing Pro product in some depth and if you were thinking, is this a scam? I would have to tell you – no way! It is a first-rate blueprint that anyone can follow and build successful drop servicing business in less than a few hours.


 It goes without saying that Dejan’s Drop Servicing Pro has both strengths and weaknesses. I will look at the pros and cons in order to be able to conclude if this is a product I can recommend.


  • No Facebook Ads training included. Drop Servicing Pro focuses only on Google Ads and free traffic sources. Although Dejan mentioned why Facebook ads are not included, I feel like he should definitely add at least one module dedicated to Facebook ads.   
  • It takes him a few hours to reply to your questions.
  • Since he updates the training all the time, ‘set up’ process can be a little bit confusing


  • You don’t need any technical ability to set up your drop servicing business. The fact that Drop Servicing Pro features step by step blueprint and case study for both successful store and successful ads, you can simply copy and paste what is shown in the course.I can definitely agree that his step-by-step videos are by far the easiest, most efficient,     and least overwhelming way to get REAL fast results in drop-servicing.
  • If you don’t have money to invest into paid advertising, he shares many different free traffic sources which can sometimes work even better than Google Ads. You can use free traffic sources to make your first sales and then just invest back your profits into paid traffic.
  • You can build your store with unique domain and hosting on a ‘pizza and coke’ budget and you will get many different free premade templates that you can use, many different free resources and tools and even free Google Ads coupons.
  • Last but not least astonishing fact is that inside of the last lecture you can watch over his shoulder and see exactly how he builds his stores, what services he uses, his traffic sources, his ad campaigns and much more.
  • Many of his students were able to get results in the first 12 hours.

In Conclusion: 

I have enjoyed reviewing the Drop Servicing Pro  product. One of the fears for someone new to drop servicing is how will I get everything set up? This product makes creating an online store so simple…it is a breeze!

Bottom line?

I wholeheartedly recommend Dejan’s Drop Servicing Pro, it provides you with everything needed to set up your drop servicing website, promote it, and increase traffic. It will be a powerful tool in enabling your future success.



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