Do we need to Make Comedy Offensive Again?

Do we need to Make Comedy Offensive Again?

Created by Sara Moura the controversial Make Comedy Offensive Again hat serves as a way of free thought through communication. The hat and Sara have no political affiliation although many immediately assume it does, Sara takes pride in it, “I find it fascinating how people get instantly triggered by a red hat with white letters embroidered, first they frown, then they laugh, that was the mission, an invitation to think.”

Nowadays anything can be considered offensive and in that way, many comedians are being censored, sometimes even by themselves.
Sara believes “we should be able to distinguish jokes from real life”. Comedians are like jesters in a king’s court. Like Jordan Peterson said “The jester was the only person who could tell the truth or bad news to the king that no one else would because he was beneath contempt…” Trickster figures emerge in times of crisis, they point out what no one wants to see, and they say things that no one will say, daring us to think.

Is there any way to redemption?

Nowadays people are more worried about looking for the evil of everything instead of looking for the best that exists, in addition, the distinction between comedy and real life begins to become smaller and smaller… there will be room for comedy at a time when we have trigger words, Social Justice Warriors, believe all women… the list is getting bigger and more and more preposterous. The groups that were oppressed are the ones wanting to be the oppressor now and seem to not be willing to forgive. We are becoming more tribal and more prone to exclusion while being less aware of it as we go.

Sara says:

It feels like we’re playing “paper, scissors, rock” with each other… The idea now is ”you attacked a black comedian, I will attack (you) a white female comedian” and the game goes on… We are all the same. We’re Human.

We should use common sense and understand the making goal here is to make people laugh.

Should there be limits to comedy?

In my opinion, no. – Sara says

There must be common sense and the notion that comedy can be as eclectic as cooking in the world, it is cultural and it is personal, each person will have their taste, their preference, and their opinion. Some might like hot dogs, some might like roasted cockroaches, is there a right and a wrong here?

Instead of trying to create binary answers about right and wrong, black and white, male or female, we should understand that reasonable people can sense the difference between a joke and someone getting angry or really calling to action, this should be the limit, try to be funny.

What is funny for me might not be funny for you, but if the ultimate goal is to make you laugh, we should acknowledge that it is a joke, not an offense; Nowadays anything can be considered offensive, even the hand gesture for “Okay” is now related to the White Power movement (interesting that this arose from an online hoax).

We have to comprehend the following:

In comedy, either is all within limits, or nothing is. Comedy is a reaction to what happens in society and should never be censored.

Censoring comedians is a really dangerous thing.

Comedy is comedy.

Comedian Sam Tripoli wearing the Make Comedy Offensive Again hat at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, USA


We need to #MakeComedyOffensiveAgain

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Sara Moura wearing the Make Comedy Offensive Again hat.

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