Chicha – The Peruvian Paradise on Bold Street

Chicha – The Peruvian Paradise on Bold Street

Here’s why you NEED to check it out!

Small plates and tapas style dining is absolutely all over the gastro scene so combine that with the also immensely popular street food trend and you’re defo on to a winner. There’s winning then there’s Chicha which is actually head and shoulders above winning and firmly in to the “You Must Eat Here To Make Your Life Complete” category.

Chicha is a Peruvian Street Food kitchen… yeah I wasn’t entirely sure what that exactly is and I was adamant that it would include spit roasted Guinea pigs for some unknown reason – nope, none of them. The traditional Peruvian cuisine is packed full of wonderful vibrant citrus flavours, fresh fragrant fish and meat dishes and the culinary fusion of the Asian influences as Peru is a cultural melting pot. The menu at Chicha beautifully reflects the rich diverse history of Peru and how this sculpted their booming dining scene.

Before reading on I have to warn you that eating here has a high probability on making you want to take a trip to Peru… So get ready for your new obsession!


Can’t even cope with how much I loved the artwork on the walls its truly spectacular. If you’re eating downstairs then don’t forget to go upstairs and check out the llama, I need a llama like this in my life on a daily basis. We loved our window table so we could stare at people walking up and down Bold Street as we chowed down on the delicacies laid out before us.


It was my first time for Cerviche so I went for the uber traditional seabass – for those less au fait with cerviche (like myself before my enlightenment) its raw fish marinated in lime juice which sort of cooks it, difficult to describe but there you go! The succulent seabass chunks were adorned with tendrils of squash and scattering of chia seeds and sat on buttered tigers milk which sounds like something straight out of a Charlie Sheen fantasy but it honestly happened and I honestly ate it… and it was boss.

We also opted for the fabulous fishcakes which was absolutely delicious and made with mackerel which is definitely one of the unsung heroes of the sea, their crispy shell yields a creamy potato filling and even with 3 to a portion you are left wanting another.

I’ve saved my personal favourite until last – the soft shell crab. Dismiss the image that sprung into your mind of that oval shaped breadcrumbed ball with a crab claw stuck out of it on the Chinese buffet – it aint that. I don’t know what I was expecting but it definitely was not a succulent whole crab. It’s crab shaped it’s literally the full package I couldn’t believe my luck! My crab was coated in a wonderfully crunchy peanut crust and served on a steamed bun with pickled ginger (there’s that amazing Asian element in the Peruvian food again) and topped off with squid ink aioli. This is the best small plate I think I’ve ever had in my whole entire life, ever. So crunchy, garlicky, crabby… this dish should be nominated for some sort of award. I’d vote.



My fella loves a rib so we checked out the sticky ribs which were every bit a perfect rib – meat falls off the bone, marinade joyfully tangy and the crushed pecans and pickled cucumber elevated the flavour from an awesome rib to a first class dish.

If there’s a steak on the menu I always feel obliged to try as it’s amazing how many places absolutely murder meat. The Entrecot Lomo Saltado did not disappoint – perfectly seared and served rare sat in a soy dipping sauce, tender melt-in-the-mouth strips of meat spectacularly adorned in coriander, pisco, tomato and onion. Definitely not one to miss for all you meat lovers out there!

Maca lamb rump was another stunner of a small plate, cooked all the way through but even more succulent than lamb I’ve had before that was served pink I was in absolute shock. Couldn’t believe it. Absolutely delicious. The lamb was served with potatoes so if you only fancied a light lunch or a snack this would absolutely be enough to fill that hole so to speak.









I’m defo not a veggie but I had to check out the goat cheese and smoked paprika tequeno which came wrapped up in filo pastry like a spring roll with a spicy guacamole. This scratched that cheese itch I get every few hours and then some, it was really super tasty.

The menu has loads of options for vegetarians and vegans which are clearly marked and it looks just as exciting as the meaty fishy options I’ve already enjoyed. Tomato cerviche looks like a belter of a plate as does the charred broccoli with quinoa so I guess I’d better check those out on my next visit…


Yesssssssss there is LOADS of choice here. Not your usual selection either. I discovered Pisco which is a Peruvian brandy – over 10 types of that on the menu, talk about choice! On the cervezas (beer) front there’s a great selection including Day Of The Dead Amber Ale, made in Mexico and only the only place in Liverpool serving it is Chicha. With Halloween and Day of The Dead coming up it’s the excuse you didn’t need to come and check this out!

I had the Manzana Smash cocktail which was light and refreshing as it was a warm sunny day when we visited. The cocktail menu was one you need to sit and work through as it took me 20 mins to decide which one I wanted as I could have sat and drank them all!


Chicha is number 55 Bold Street in the City Centre. Walk in during the day but evenings can get chocka so best to ring ahead on 0151 294 4146 or book online on their website 



Rosie Stanistreet


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