CAN Liverpool Vegan Café

CAN Liverpool Vegan Café

As we arrived in Waterloo we set off to track down this one of a kind 100% vegan eatery and as to my very pleasure it doubles up as a watering hole too. We could spot CAN As soon as we turned onto St. Johns road with their recyclable can benches and greenery out front. After following CAN’s social media posts and viewing their inventive menus I was excited to get inside and discover what was on todays menu! Lou welcomed us in straightaway and got us sat down with a vegan hot chocolate and French press coffee to get us settled in nicely. She briefed us about the cafes morals and beliefs. One thing that stood out to me was how Passionate Lou was about their company ethos and how Simple substitutes make for beneficial outcomes. This is what paying customers want to see and hear, that their experience at can is beneficial all round and you can leave guilt free with a happy heart and stomach. CAN work with and support many local businesses such as the Gluten free pie company, cbsushi, cake hole and Crosby coffee all which of course are vegan. Another idea which I loved about the menu was a scheme which gives local vegan chefs the chance to alternate recipe ideas thus producing impressively inventive and diverse dishes for the menu. 

It took us both a little while to make our minds up as everything sounded boss and I wanted to try a bite of every dish! Unfortunately one of the dishes had sold out which was the soup and it sounded bloody gorgeous, so be warned don’t get there too late! After some decision time we decided to go for the No.1 Best seller Chick ’n’ Mushroom Pie served with mash, peas, gravy and pickled red cabbage, and the ‘Oktoberfest Special’ Bratwurst topped with Sauekraut, mustard, ketchup and crushed pretzels’. Being vegan is sometimes difficult when finding a menu that appeals to you, But CAN have absolutely smashed it. From taste, variation and presentation everything looked and tasted fantastic. The pie was filled with mushrooms and Seitan which is a fantastic meat alternative which made for a totally enjoyable pie, and the bratwurst was sensationally filling. I accompanied my meal with a top recommendation from Lou, which was a can of juicy fuel cherry cola which by the way is one of your five a day, whilst also being very delicious. Notice all drinks are served in cans? One thing that excited me was the whole wine in a can experience, for any of you ‘its always sunny Philadelphia’ fans out there, you’re gonna love this. We opted for the white Albarino and the Foxie Rose Spritzer. Simple but yet so good and also super handy for a little outdoor soiree. We now have wine in a can Ladies and Gents. Lou said these have gone down a hit with the locals already who have been ordering them in for themselves.

The place itself is bursting with life, all the different plants give Can a great clean and earthy feel. CAN is also completely animal friendly and during our visit we got to meet some super cute doggos that provided us with some  furry entertainment while our food was being prepared. Lou was also the perfect host, she made us feel warm and welcome and made our experience at can pleasantly refreshing. So If you love our planet and contributing to the environment then CAN is the place for you to eat and feel good. It’s a really interesting concept for a café bar as not only do they believe in all things green but they are 100% Vegan and plastic free. They believe if it is not being put to good use (for example, the window frames) then it is not entering the building. Its a one of a kind and inspiring cafe bar like no other here in Liverpool and they’re setting a great example to a lot of the bigger bars and restaurants out there. I’m also really pleased to see they have set up a stall at the peaky blinders food court at the Cains brewery village called Dinky CAN, making them more accessible for the South side of the city to give them a try.


Sarah Anderson


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