Brimstone Set To Release New double LP Brimstone Vein

Brimstone Set To Release New double LP Brimstone Vein

With one foot in Latvia and another in Russia, electronic music group Brimstone have done well to secure a place for themselves as a duo spearheading the future garage movement.

Brimstone Vein is their latest full-length offering, which has followed up in quick succession to their critically acclaimed 2020 album, ‘Insulin’. Served up on a 2×12” double vinyl release on their own imprint, Brimstone Records, it features 18 ocean-deep future garage cuts, each serving as their own unique sonic journey.

Despite the ever presence of thick, densely overlaid atmospherics that ties the album together in their own signature style, Brimstone keeps the record engaging throughout. Expect a slew of ‘smoking sessions’ cuts reminiscent of Synkro, Sorrow and Burial. Tracks like ‘At The Crossroad’ and ‘Find A Way’ evoke an air of cinematic mysticality, while tracks like ‘Roller Coaster’ and ‘Flurry’ harks back to the ‘90s, with rave synths, gritty basslines, climatic risers and big beat breaks taking center stage. ‘Limit The Fear’ raises the tempo even further, heading into minimal/liquid DnB territory.

“From album to album we are always reborn. It’s only in this way that we are able to do something interesting, to create goosebumps that take your breath away.”

Brimstone again have demonstrated their ability to secure a place as masters of deep, broken beat electronica, and are one of the best future garage acts to watch in 2021 and beyond. Brimstone Vein will be available to purchase across at all good record stores on 26th September 2021. For media inquiries, including interviews and all things press-related, please email


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