Blood Brothers opening night at The Chester Storyhouse Theatre

Blood Brothers opening night at The Chester Storyhouse Theatre
There are only two words to describe this production of Blood Brothers after attending the first night at Chester StoryHouse Theatre and those words are Standing Ovation. This was actually the best production of the play I have seen. It was vibrant, comical and dramatic. All the important elements of a well executed play.
The infamous Mrs Johnstone who in Blood Brothers is the glue that holds it all together, was played by Lyn Paul who I have to say is the most perfectly fitting for the part that I have had the pleasure of observing. She is the perfect blend of Scouse, comicalness and motherly love. You could actually feel for her deeply due to the heart wrenching decision to give away her child. It was executed perfectly on stage. She played the part so well that if your a parent you would be so empathic with her character for what she go’s through because she plays the part so well.
I thought the narrator Dean Chisnall was particularly good in this production. He was very dramatic in his delivery. Which is what you want in a play like Blood Brothers because it has such dramatic storylines. Every time he spoke it was like he was about to drop a bomb. He had the full attention of the theatre as soon as his presence was known on stage. It was executed with perfect timing throughout the play. I enjoyed these parts the most as they tie the story together in the most fascinating way with a wonderful use of the English language by Willy Russell and this narrator truly did them words justice.
The Brothers themselves where also faultless. They portrayed on stage a unique chemistry when they engaged with each other. I thought they played out their parts perfectly. With just the right amount of contrast for dramatic intent but at the same time enough plausible likeness to create a bond. I though Sean Jones who played Mickey had a lot of charisma what a great actor. He had the most brilliant comical Scouse demeanor. Which is exactly how you expect Mickey to be. He had me engaged in his rascal like presence as soon as he set foot on stage.
It was a captivating production from start to finish. I would be more than willing to go back and see it for a second time because it was truly that entertaining. 5 stars doesn’t even do this production justice which is why I will reiterate my former comment of a standing ovation for a more than brilliant version of one of my all time favourite plays.

Carolyn Anderson


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