A Closer Look at the benefits of Raw Food

A Closer Look at the benefits of Raw Food

Melanie Procter is the owner of Phuket Cleanse which is Thailand’s leading raw food and vegan all inclusive deluxe health resort, a raw food chef under Chef Juliano, a pioneer in modern raw food cuisine, she has been creating and developing the ideas for Phuket Cleanse in her mind and kitchen for the past 20 years. . This was the springboard that launched Mel’s personal journey into health and fitness, resulting in her losing almost 4 stone and ultimately creating Phuket Cleanse.

At my health resort Phuket Cleanse, we define “raw food” as: organic, fresh, unprocessed, and uncooked (not heated over 40 degrees Celsius or 105 degrees Fahrenheit). Raw foods include: raw vegetables, raw fruit, raw nuts and seeds, sprouts, roots, root vegetables and squashes, fresh herbs, spices, and seaweeds.
Raw foods are synonymous with living foods, as both the water and the enzymes remain intact, whereas the cooking and refining process of many of today’s foods destroy the natural enzymes. Enzymes assist in the digestion of foods and are in essence the “energy” or “life force” of foods. Retaining the enzymes means that food is more easily digested and nutrients are optimally and easily assimilated into the body. Enzymes in food however are sometimes dormant, particularly in nuts and seeds. The simple act of soaking them or one step further, sprouting them, activates the dormant enzymes.

Humans evolved foraging in the lush, green environment. If you go back to our early days of our homo-sapien species, we were eating mostly foraged greens … as green leaves are more abundant than any other food source. Just look around in nature — it is mostly green. Even a carrot, a mango, a tomato were just dots of colour here and there in the original diet. Just imagine if you were to eat as close as possible to this early human diet.

By choosing a raw food diet, your digestion would be working much better, your system would be alkaline and the intestinal villi would not be covered with mucus (bi-product of eating an acidic diet). You’ll have all the digestive enzymes intact from the plants, plus the natural probiotics that grow on plants would not have removed. Cooking destroys these enzymes and probiotics, leaving your body’s limited reserves of enzymes to do the digestion. If you were to eat closer to the original diet of mankind, you would be eating mostly wild-crafted greens that oxygenate the body and have the benefits of the life force and frequency of the plant.

The non-nutritional/eco-benefits of raw foods are less household waste (from all the packaging), a reduction in our weekly shopping bill, little to no wastage of food, less stress placed on the Earth’s resources, and a smaller carbon footprint! What’s not to love!

It is hard for modern man to know how good it feels to eat like this. You will be taking in these concentrated greens that our ancestors took in as a primary dietary source.


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