‘Beautiful’ Eyes Around The World

‘Beautiful’ Eyes Around The World

Online contact lens website who specialise in the human eye ran this global experiment and survey:

STATEMENT: We decided to survey our coloured contact lens customers and we discovered that 1 out of every 5 of them have called in sick at work in the past because they had run out of their coloured contacts*. We kind of get it too, if everyone has always known you as blue eyed and you suddenly one day turn up with brown eyes that would be an awkward situation.

Considering this statistic we decided to conduct an interesting global experiment:

In almost every single country around the World, Photoshop is increasingly being used to further widen the gap between reality and unrealistic standards of beauty. We reached out to 95 Designers around the World with one and only one instruction: Make the eyes of our subject ‘beautiful’ using your personal perception of beauty.

The results are surprisingly quite different. Here are the designs we received included into a world map, gif too and some of our favourite designs:

We were told that ‘In Japan, big eyes are considered ideal. This is the number one thing I would say for us. If you go into PuriKura (photobooth), which is a popular activity in our culture, the first option you are met with is to Choose your eye size.’ while in Croatia ‘wider eyes are preferred’.

In Denmark ‘bushier eyebrows are all the rage’ yet in Nigeria ‘the eyebrows need to follow a neat shape’.

In Mongolia ‘The eye color was lightened because many Mongolians wear light brown contact lenses as an accessory’ but in Greece ‘blue eyes like the colour of our sea are beautiful’.


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