For many people, music is healing and a form of entertainment. It invokes emotions and can create an escape to the listeners. This is exactly what the musical artist Rareri achieves with his sound. The rising artist Rareri has developed a unique discography & community. Rareri views his purpose of making the world a better place through his art & community. Rareri spreads the idea of humanity, purpose & love.

Roszimm Barry better known by his stage name “Rareri” is a musical artist, producer, songwriter & creative. Born a leader since October 18th 1996, Rareri has always been passionate towards uplifting others and humanity. The vision is very clear in Rareri’s music. His first released single “Before I Die” has become a favorite amongst his fans and expresses the vision of a world for all to prosper. Currently Rareri music is streamed over 130+ countries across Spotify, Apple Music & other platforms. The 26 year old artist does not disappoint with music & message. The artist is known for his independent qualities of producing, mixing, writing, mastering & performing all his musical pieces by himself. Early inspirations of the artist includes Michael Jackson & Kanye West now known as Ye. Over the years the artist has learned to play many instruments, cinematography & photography. These skills helped the artist tremendously to bring his art alive. Currently the artist achieves everything on his own but believes in a full fledged team in the future. The artist lays out the blueprint of confidence, consistency & starting from the bottom. Building up the vision of Rareri World and all of its journey ahead.

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