American artist Jason Innocent was born in Brooklyn January 7 1995. In 2o10 Innocents work first came to light with a series of street graffiti writing art in and around lower Manhattan, helping solidify his name amongst the most followed African Americans artists of our times.

Innocent’s artwork infuses lots of his passions and fascinations he accumulated during his fantastic upbringing on the streets of Brooklyn, namely music, poetry, art, sport and life its self, with a keen deep seated interest in history notably that of Afro-Americans.

On the 24th October 2019 Innocent revealed to the world his second solo exhibition ‘Bold Stripes, Bright Stars, and Social Issues’ which ran-through one evening and two days during irregular gallery hours.

When discussion current world issues Jason was quoted as saying …

“The world is currently going through its worse phase, a lot of vices are happening day after day, terrorist attacks, racism is on the rise, hatefulness only but to mention a few. The world today needs people to come together, with a united voice to stand up against all the evil happening in our time.”

Using strong labels NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO ABLEISM, NO FATPHOBIA, NO AGEISM, NO TRANSPHOBIA, NO HOMOPHOBIA, and NO HATEFULNESS in his art American Flag 2017 .Innocent expressed his social fears not only for America but for the world; thinks its say to safe the vast majority will be taking Innocent’s word for gospel. A-MEN x


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