Ares Advertising: A Modern Twist to the Ad Agency

Ares Advertising: A Modern Twist to the Ad Agency

Helping online businesses to expand around the world through social media marketing

Ares Advertising, led by a team of ambitious and dynamic millennials, adopts a modern mentality to running a ad agency—quite the difference from the MadMen era in 1960, where a tiny office is filled with middle-aged men and engulfed in cigarette smoke.

Skirting the traditional office layout, Ares prides themselves on having a more international office, with employees located and working remotely all around the world and interacting in an environment they know best: online.

Ares Advertising, named after Greek mythology, is a digital advertising agency that specializes in the creation, launch and meticulous management of Facebook & Instagram ads for e-commerce stores.

Because Ares Advertising values a global mindset and work environment, Ares supports online businesses in comprehensive, international expansion. Their main goal is to reach customers from all over the world, on every inch of the web.

To Ares, running ads across the internet is like covering an empty canvas with digital art. They believe in innovation, business development and client and consumer satisfaction.

To initially assist their clients, Ares provides a flagship service, a 90-Day Paid Traffic Program, which manages all of their Facebook ads. This service spans from market research to copy writing, and guarantees the client a full automation of their social media marketing, thereby giving them the time to focus on other aspects of their business. The service is orchestrated through Facebook itself, as they swoop into your account manager and take the reigns of your company’s social media marketing to lead it to heights where you couldn’t, bi-weekly updating you with the status of your advertisements so you rightfully stay in the loop.

Areas works with Tech and Telco giants such as Vodafone, Cable & Wireless, Liberty Global Latin America and many more, proving that their growth and success in the industry.

Captaining the ship is their CEO & Founder, Filippo Polizzy. As every successful entrepreneur, their journey was never an easy battle. Having started his entrepreneurial adventure at 17, Filippo was met with failure.

Attempting to juggle the creation of 2 companies, a web development agency and a previous advertising agency (known as RPC Media) proved to be too much to handle and resulted in the stagnation of both ventures, an unfortunate feat that Filippo often talks about on his social media.

However, a failure that proved to be vital for the success of Ares Advertising.

By learning from his mistakes, Filippo stripped his former business of it’s flesh and rebuilt it brick by brick in order to create the “most profitable investment tool that an e-commerce business owner can use to-date”.

With a team of millenials that live and breathe the industry and with media buyers that have managed millions of dollars of ad spend in Facebook advertising, he has built the ‘A-team’.

However, Ares makes it a point to help e-commerce business owners free of charge. “To give back to the community” that has given them so much, with free advice sharing the companies secrets on how to run and improve their social media marketing and going to the extent of having a “coach” to answer any questions in their niche facebook group.

Invited to speak and teach at universities across Europe, Filippo drives Ares to be relevant in both education and business.

Not only is Filippo busy with Ares, but he is currently writing his own book in hopes to “really to inspire people to work towards their goals and show them that you don’t have to be a genius or naturally gifted, you just have to be determined and willing to learn”.

When given a snippet of the first chapter, his closing regards where that, “This is a story about how a 17-year old boy who learnt from his mistakes and dragged himself from a path of mediocrity to a path of success, not through any legendary way, but a human one. I hope this can inspire a few of you to do the same.”

Areas is a real sharp spearhead to fend with in this new, modern world of online business. Led by a team of innovative individuals and a passionate and persevering CEO/founder, Ares is a social media marketing company to look out for!


By Sophie B


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