Annual Liverpool Improvathon returns for over 30 hours of live comedy soap opera

Annual Liverpool Improvathon returns for over 30 hours of live comedy soap opera


The city of Liverpool is renowned for its wide spectrum of cultural events, and one of the most unique, the annual Liverpool Improvathon returns this October with a live comedy soap opera featuring over 33-and-a-half hours of non-stop improvisation across 17 episodes.

Taking place at The Hope Street Theatre, the Improvathon is based on a format created and made popular by Canadian company Die-Nasty, who have held an annual 50-hour “Soap-a-thon” for over 20 years. This year, event producers ‘Impropriety’ will be joined by improvisers from Die-Nasty themselves, as well as theatre companies including The Showstoppers, Project Two and Austentatious. Live improvised music will accompany the onstage silliness, with previous years having seen collaborations with numerous local luminaries including members of Dogshow, Dead Hedge Trio, The Kazimier Krunk Band and Loveless.

The story for the weekend, titled “Where there’s a will…” explores the weird and wonderful life of the fictional William Reading. A man who participated in Elephant Polo, invented the sport of polar bear baiting and the man who finally worked out how long a piece of string actually is. Over the course of the weekend you will be able to discover, via “unmissable hilarity”, the truth behind 14 months of his life that remain unaccounted for.

Audiences are free to join the story at any point and to stay for as little or as long as they wish. Each episode begins with the “story so far” so newcomers can catch up on the madness that has proceeded. Parental guidance is strongly suggested for this one, however, the always popular Children’s Episode takes place 11am–1pm on Sunday and will be suitable for audiences of any age.

If you fancy a taster of what’s happening, you can pop in to watch a single episode during the marathon weekend for just £6, with a weekend pass costing £30, allowing you to come and go throughout. The first episode starts at 1pm on Sat 27th October and the show will then run continuously for 17 more episodes. Each episode is 2 hours long, beginning on the odd hours (1pm, 3pm, 5pm, etc.), and will go on until 10.38pm on Sun 28th October. With such rich talent on show, in an event that will never be replicated, it would be a shame to miss out!





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