All You Need To Know About Gerard O’Donovan Founder Of Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd

All You Need To Know About Gerard O’Donovan Founder Of Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd

An Irish native from humble beginnings, Gerard O’Donovan grew up in Bantry Co Cork before he joined the Royal Marines as a commando. After 9 years in the military, he turned his attention to entrepreneurial pursuits, building his first organization, which ultimately opened the door to much greater things. 

Noble Manhattan Financial Services Ltd was later sold to Cornhill Insurance, at which point, O’Donovan decided his true passion was in the field of personal development. 

Self-employed by 26, Gerard O’Donovan built his fortune, reaching millionaire status by the age of 31, and when his fortune took a downturn, he started anew, rebuilt his legacy, and regained his millionaire status in only 3 years. Today, he is an acclaimed international trainer and personal developer whose services are sought after, and for good reason. No stranger to roadblocks and speedbumps, Gerard O’Donovan brings a unique perspective to his training that tends to garner extremely effective results.

His business-building philosophy is built on his own personal insights, and when coupled with his high energy, his clients are not only well-advised but inspired. The idea that “those who can’t do coach” could not be less applicable in this scenario. O’Donovan travels the world developing businesses and consulting with the men and women behind the curtain who are the power behind these businesses’ success.

Gerard O’Donovan’s mission is to help his clients achieve peak performance in everything they do. He incorporates accelerated learning skills to increase retention of the lessons and expedite the application of the newly learned skills to real-world scenarios. This includes:

  • Goal achievement
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Increased profits through increased sales and personal performance

As the owner and CEO of Noble Manhattan, the one of the world’s top three life and executive coach training companies -and the only one with a  A* accreditation from the International Institute of Coaching (IIC), Gerard O’Donovan’s goal is to provide knowledge on the basis of his motto: “Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind”. Those who have the knowledge and education to back up their business goals are the ones who are going to succeed. By living his life helping to prepare the minds of others, he is doing a service to entrepreneurs and professionals all over the world.

Gerard founded Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd and it has become the longest established and largest coach training country in Europe and for good reason. His clients have seen incredible results and his coaching services have grown into a worldwide group that spans 31 countries and communicates in 7 languages. Today, O’Donovan is headquartered in England, but he spends his days traveling the world, developing and consulting with passionate individuals who are reaching for success. He is known as a master coach throughout Europe and lauded worldwide for his methods, training, and strategies as well as the results they lead to. His work serving as a mentor has helped young people understand the challenges of business as they produce a business plan and seek funding- and consequently helped them overcome those challenges and achieve success.

Gerard O’Donovan’s major accomplishments include the following:


  • Service in the Royal Marines
  • A successful career as a financial advisor
  • Founder of Noble-Manhattan
  • Professional accreditation and recognition as an expert in his field
  • Talented public speaking
  • Author of “ A Coach’s Story”
  • Author of “ The Life Design Programme”
  • Featured in Voices of Experience, a book by Jacqui Harper
  • Coauthor of Good Question! with Judy Barber
  • Coauthor of The Thirty Minute Life Coach with Curly Martin
  • Privileged to write the foreword for The Coaching Parent by David Miskimin and Jack Stewart
  • Recognized by the Prince Charles’ Princes Youth Business Trust

A skilled Keynote presenter motivational trainer, Gerard has worked with neuro-linguistic programming and incorporated those learning techniques into his coaching approach. Thousands of individuals have been able to put his lessons into practice and see incredible results, and Gerard’s goal is only to take his message further.


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