Alanna is Headed for Europe – Through Amazon!

Alanna is Headed for Europe – Through Amazon!

Beauty mogul Alanna Reece is excited about her hair extension line, which will launch in Europe on July 26th. Alanna has resumed her duties working on expanding her brand in the mist of the pandemic global lockdown.

She recently announced via Instagram to her fans online the launch of “Alanna Hair Extensions” to Amazon. Now, Alanna is delivering to her fans internationally. The 25-year-old model excitedly revealed that her brand, “Alanna” which has a range of beauty care products, from skincare to hair extensions, would be available in the European market soon. Alanna Hair Extensions is launching 4 products across the European market from the Chocolate Collection: Golden Caramel Silky Straight, Chocolate Brown Cambodian Curly, Cinnamon Wavy, and Golden Vanilla Body Wave. As announced on Alanna Extensions Instagram, the summer launch includes hair bundles, clip-in extensions, and full lace wigs.

Jessica Milli, a senior editorial writer for beauty and fashion magazine,Shopplax, has noted “With the right customer service and selling high-quality hair products, Alanna’s business is heading towards the right direction. We look forward to see the outcome of her success in the beauty industry.”


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