What is an Urbanista?

An urbanista has an in-depth knowledge of the best people, places, and things their city has to offer. They know who to call to get the best table at the trendiest restaurant in town and what gallery to contact if you are an up-and-coming artist. An urbanista is selective, but never snobbish, intellectual, but also street smart. They are a living “insider’s guide” to the city…

Our site speaks for its self, we review everything from movies, festival, beauty products you name it we cover it.. Anything current and cool is on it!!

Urbanista is currently receiving several thousand unique users per month, the most popular age group being 25-34 year olds.

An Editorial hub of all things from culture to food and drink, music to travel and style to beauty and sport.

A magazine to keep the people of Liverpool beyond both entertained and informed about what is going on in the city.

It’s also a fantastic way to attract lots of customers to your business and bathe in the glow of our own collective hipness!