5 Situations you need to Sapporo

5 Situations you need to Sapporo

If you don’t know all about Sapporo then crawl out from under your rock, it’s 2017. Feeding the people of the ‘Pool the best Japanese scrans EVER with since 2006 it has become a dining hotspot for celebs and mere mortals alike. Menus to suit every pocket and the chance to grab a selfie with a star makes this communal dining experience the absolute one and every self respecting scouser has graced the hot plate at least once.

Here’s the top 5 reasons to visit Sapporo Liverpool

1. When you’re single. There’s nothing worse than with Valentine’s Day approaching and your mates all planning a night of romance and adult cuddles and your sat there, Billy no mates. So boys splash on your Versace blue jeans and girls, don’t cancel that bikini wax just yet – find love as the chefs entertain you around the hot plate. One thing is for sure, you won’t be sat in on your own and you 100 times more likely to get a pity pull at the end of the night! Result! Other bonuses include a fab healthy scran, meeting new people and we saw one of the chefs make a heart space in the rice on the hot plate so they’re all on board to help you spice up your love life.

Find the Valentine’s Day menu here Click for menu which is £35 per person for 4 courses featuring all our sushi and steaky favs. Available 10th to 14th of Feb.

2. For a hot date. Nothing says ‘love’ like succulent scallops and a perfectly seared chilli garlic fillet steak. Feed your lover crunchy hot plate veggies dipped in that legendary garlic mayo (I don’t know how they do it but it tastes phenomenal every time!) If the conversation stalls you can rely on looking on at the table side entertainment while sipping on warm sake – Japanese rice wine – guaranteed to end your night well!

3. When the parents visit. Wether your at Uni or it’s the inlaws embarking on their annual visit, worry no longer about a suitable dining establishment. Time absolutely flies around the hot plate and with every requirement catered for you are guaranteed to find something that everyone likes. There’s nutritious Japanese classics like salmon, seabass and tuna sashimi for the waistline watchers and more adventurous but you can play is safe with family favourites like the tasty barbecue spare ribs and juicy veggie spring rolls. I can never have a meal here without the beautiful miso soup with tofu and its renown for health benefits and I’m just obsessed with it.

4. The works do. You don’t have to wait until Christmas, start harassing the boss today for a weeknight team building exercise!! Nothing brings the workforce together like catching flying potato slices in your mouth, trying your hand at using chopsticks or watching the chef set the hot plate on fire. If the boss is paying make sure you go for the set menu I had which was the Emperor at £40. This is a real treat as it includes everything you could have ever wanted from a menu – a vast selection of salad, my favourite miso soup with tofu, nigiri sushi and a hot starter of barbecue ribs followed by a medley of scrumptious mains! I promise I ate every single morsel of the chicken fillet stuffed with asparagus, beef fillet, half lobster and jumbo prawns which are all served with the fresh egg fried rice, veggies and sautéed potatoes. As the food comes in stages you can really unwind and spread out your dining experience, a great way to relax and really get to know your colleagues. The horseshoe seating plan means no one is left without anyone to talk to and the relaxing dining style allows you to take full advantage of the bar, hallelujah!

5. To start your night out. The food is so fresh and healthy that there’s nowhere better to kick off that big night out. As we scousers like to dress up to the nines nobody ever feels out of place no matter how dressed up you are. Rock up in your rollers for an early bird special before you start getting ready or drop in before you hit concert square.

Here’s a summary of top points for you to remember – healthy, great fun, menus for every budget, great quality food!

You’ll see me smashing in the sake, living it up with lobster and snaffling on a steak, make sure you say hi!