After watching Man City put 5 past Liverpool on a Saturday afternoon, who in their right mind as a Liverpool fan would venture out into the heart of Manchester for a heavy techno event and why? Following Liverpool’s demolition at the hands of the Mancunians, I took a crew of 5 from Merseyside to Manchester to see what the techno scene was like — and we weren’t disappointed! In this piece I present to you 5 good reasons to go to Manchester for a techno event….

1. Craig Cartel

Ok, so not everyone will go to Manchester for a techno event for this reason — but we did and the man is a legend! Not only is he a top DJ who replied to Man City’s defeat of Liverpool by smashing it in front of thousands — he is the reason we were invited to the big Saturday night event at Manchester’s vibrant hot spot, Gorilla. Craig came down the M62 like a steam train and tore Manchester a new one with deep, hard and sensual techno whilst throwing in some classics — a pleasure and honour to support him that evening and it’s little wonder he’s played at Ibiza’s top clubs whilst filling venues with his own events!

2. Gorilla

The venue we attended was, as mentioned, Gorilla — situated under the arches on Whitworth Street in the bustling student district of the North West’s second best city. I’m ever so proud of Liverpool’s abundance of alternative venues to host deep, dark and dirty techno fiestas but I have to say — Gorilla Manchester quite possibly trumps any venue us Scousers have to offer. The brick arches and raw, underground feel make this a perfect haven for those seeking heavy bass and pounding live DJ sets.


The night we attended following Liverpool’s thrashing was courtesy of TAKE — the record label and promoters who have booked the likes of Joris Voorn, Patrick Topping and Seth Troxler previously. They decided to bring their party ‘Up North’ for a Manchester  debut and, after this belter of a night, I fully recommend that you keep your eyes out for another TAKE event in Manchester soon — this was seriously off the scale and it’s a miracle that the pounding bass failed to penetrate the long standing Mancunian arch above the venue. These guys took Manchester by storm with this night!

4. Camelphat

As well as booking our Liverpool mate Craig Cartel for their Premiere show at Gorilla, TAKE booked a couple of other top acts that night too. Paul S, Jack Swaffer and Richey Profond all smashed it in their own right, but the headliner, Camelphat, proved to be a top notch booking for the Manchester techno scene. Having had major recent success globally with their tracks ‘Constellations’ and ‘Cola’, we were expecting a slightly subtle commercial display — this was not the case. Craig Cartel set the bar high and put Camephat’s solo DJ under pressure to smash it as hard and with the same technical prowess — Camelphat delivered emphatically and made us realise the quality of bookings Manchester is attracting. The execution of smash hit ‘Cola’ was nothing short of spine tingling, to round of a wonderfully energetic set.

5. The People

Despite my indecipherable ramblings to many Mancunians that night, I do not recall one of them mentioning the 5-0 result earlier that day! In fact, I would go as far as to say that the Mancs were sound to party with and there wasn’t a scent of trouble. I thoroughly recommend Manchester as somewhere to go to enjoy top notch techno, however it’s also advisable to attend with a fine calibre of acquaintances. I was lucky enough to be at Gorilla for TAKE’s Manchester debut with my girlfriend, her daughter and her daughter’s fella from New Zealand, as well as our mate and driver, Andy — joined forces with Craig Cartel’s cool crew, we had a squad that could tear holes in any Manchester defence.

See you soon Manchester

Posted by Paul Quinsey on Sunday, September 10, 2017


In summary: boss DJs, boss venue, boss event, boss techno, boss people — and not a bad city either.

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Images courtesy of Amanda Toovey


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