12 Inches LOST in One Month with the Speed Keto® Diet Program! | The Story of Erin Aubrey

12 Inches LOST in One Month with the Speed Keto® Diet Program! | The Story of Erin Aubrey

Meta-Description: Speed Keto® is an improved keto diet program that dismisses most of the complexities of the traditional keto diet by introducing intermittent fasting to encourage bigger and faster results! It was authored by an educator called Dr. Harlan Kilstein and has grown to have tens of thousands of devoted followers.

Introducing Erin Aubrey, a new proponent of the popular Speed Keto® diet! She tried out the Speed Keto® diet program on the tail-end of 2019 and has seen significant improvement in both her weight and her health ever since! More on her success with this exciting diet program below:

Hello! What ultimately pushed you into trying out the Keto diet?

Erin Aubrey: I was recommended the diet! My friend, Brenda, and my cousin, Ron, were both already doing Keto (the standard one, not Speed Keto.) They knew that I was pre-diabetic and that my doctor had put me on metformin to control my blood sugar levels. They also knew that taking metformin hurt my stomach something fierce! So, they recommended that I try Keto since they were already seeing success with it and coming off their medications because of it.

When did you officially start Speed Keto?

Erin Aubrey: Well, as mentioned, my friend and my cousin initially recommended the regular Keto diet, so I tried that first. This was around mid-August 2019 and I lost approximately 26lbs on it (I kept a pretty detailed journal on my progress.)

A couple of months later (specifically, November 1st, 2019) I decided to switch over to Speed Keto — mostly because I saw some pretty encouraging testimonials about it online.

Have you tried diets other than Keto in the past? (How does it compare?)

Erin Aubrey: I did Weight Watchers years ago. It actually wasn’t so bad. I lost approximately 100lbs on that, although I was unable to ever get to the 150lbs mark no matter what I did.

It wasn’t a bad diet. But it didn’t catch. I hurt my knee, stopped exercising, got off the diet, and gained all the weight back in no time. I did try it out again after that (a year or two later), but it wasn’t as effective as the first time I tried it; which is one of the reasons why I decided on trying something new, which just so happened to be Keto!

What are your current weight OR health goals after trying Speed Keto? (How have they changed since you started?)

Erin Aubrey: My goal weight has always been 120lbs! I’m only 5’1”, so my starting weight on Keto (which was 251.4lbs) was definitely not normal for my height. Since starting Keto and Speed Keto, I have lost over a hundred pounds of weight! My current weight is 142.0lbs, so I only have 22lbs left to go for me to reach my goal; which is pretty exciting!

Other than weight loss, what else have you noticed changing while on Speed Keto?

Erin Aubrey: I have more energy! I’ve started exercising more; mostly walking for now. Before my feet used to hurt like hell whenever I went walking, even if it was just a little bit! Now, thanks to the weight loss, I can walk pretty long distances without having to worry about the pain.

What was your first month of Speed Keto like? (How about the proceeding months?)

Erin Aubrey: On my first month of Speed Keto (started 11-1-19, as mentioned earlier), my weight was 222.8lbs (this was after several months of regular Keto and having lost only 26lbs.) The month ended, at 12-1-19, at which point I weighed 211.8lbs!

That means that I lost a total of 11lbs in my first month of Speed Keto! (I also lost 12 inches that month. So, it was a pretty great start!)

As for the proceeding months, I stuck to the intermittent fasting program and was able to easily lose around 8-10lbs a month. Not a huge amount, of course. But I was just happy that the weight was staying off, and that I was moving much faster along than I was going with just the regular Keto diet.

Lastly, what did you think of Speed Keto’s intermittent fasting program?

Erin Aubrey: It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I don’t mind it now that I’ve gotten used to it. In the beginning, I had to rely pretty heavily on the unlimited broth option; but over time it just became second nature to me.


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